Traci Neal

Traci was born in March 1989 and grew up in Hopkins, SC. She began writing poetry at 14 because a teacher from Hopkins Middle School told the class they had to write a poetry book. She fell in love with poetry and saw it as an outlet from bullying and low-self esteem. Her passion for public speaking came later on in life. Ten years later, actually! Her multiple attempts at trying to become an elementary teacher and failing the Praxis Exam, made her feel like a total failure. But God had a different plan for her. Through spiritual guidance of character development at her church, Word of God Church and Ministries International with Bishop Eric W. Davis, she became a better woman of God. Now, she wants to share her life experiences with children, adolescents, and young adults that Jesus is the better option! She loves to tell people, “The world does not impress me!”

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