Sherri Sommers

Sherri Somers is a revenue attraction coach. She had a 9 to 5, a family, and a dream that she was made for more. Sherri worked in law enforcement full-time and part of that came with helping ex-offenders find jobs and become business owners.

In 2016, Sherri was invited to the White House by President Obama (and Michelle) after gaining national recognition from that re-entry program helping those who were in need earn a living. However, she didn’t just stop with helping others make money as a part of my day job, she took what she knew and applied it to her own efforts.

While working her 9 to 5, she started a property preservation business that generated over $85K a year (as a side-hustle). It was a great revenue stream, but being a mom, before she felt comfortable enough to take the leap, she was all about creating stability in her home and making sure she was properly educated about what she was doing and had the right strategy to attract consistent and sustainable profits so she could enjoy the freedom as her own boss. Fast forward a bit, her son passed out in school from an asthma attack.

That was it for her!! She knew then that she needed to pursue my business ideas with urgency so she could be more present for her son NOW. In that moment, she took a leave of absence, worked on her coaching business idea she knew she had within her, and went from $0 to $12K in her coaching business in a matter of weeks, and haven’t returned to work her 9 to 5 ever since. Sherri got visible, using the 2k Revenue Attraction Factor Blueprint and built her business one client at a time. She took her business from $2,000 to $12,000 in a few weeks.

Sherri is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with.

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