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  • Nina Sossamon-Pogue

    Nina Sossamon-Pogue is sought after speaker, hyper-growth tech executive, USA Gymnast, and Emmy-winning television news anchor. She is the author of This is Not the End: Strategies to Get You Through the Worst Chapters of Your Life. Nina shares her proven approach to handling life’s hardships, so you can control your own destiny.

  • Lisza L Crisalle

    Lisza L Crisalle, CFNS brings more than 25 years of experience in marketing, branding, and coaching to the fields of health and wellness. After majoring in Exercise Physiology, she tied in her background in fitness to the business world. With a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing, Lisza continued in the fitness industry as an instructor and trainer for everything from swimming, skiing and martial arts, to aerobics, and indoor cycling. After […]

  • Cece Heart

    My name is Cece, I’m a plant-based, gluten-free enthusiast, consultant, and chef/recipe artist. I work with people changing their bodies/minds and spirits through food and positive practices from a wide range of specialties including natural medicine, breathwork, energetic healing, social psychology — I mix science with spirituality to give a range of benefits depending on where the person is “at” and activating their passion! I have spent years learning all of the modalities and techniques […]

  • Jessie Coan

    Jessie Coan is a strategic marketer who turns strategy into action. Nothing frustrates her more than having someone build a killer strategy and then have no idea how to execute it. That’s the opposite of what she does. When people describe her, they say over and over “Jessie gets things done. She’s a problem solver, no fear, figure it out marketer.” Her marketing superpower is she turns problems (ie, not enough content, campaigns that aren’t […]

  • Tiara Nicole Riley

    Tiara Nicole is a motivational speaker who focused on time management, leadership development, and women's empowerment. She has published three books all centered on developing the reader's individual experience within their personal challenges. Additionally, she serves as a development coach who works step-by-step with her clients in individual and group settings to be able to ensure transformation.

  • Jimmy Clare

    Jimmy Clare is the Founder and CEO of CrazyFitnessGuy. He is here to help motivate you one goal at a time. He started his website on April 12th, 2017 and it has been making steady growth since. One of his goals is to become a motivational speaker.

  • April Jackson-Hunter

    April Jackson-Hunter is an author and champion for the LGBTQ community against domestic violence. After suffering trauma herself, she started journaling to cope. That led to her writing her first book.