Mallory Herrera

Mallory is Co-owner and website designer at Proven Pixel Design Studio. Proven Pixel is dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs find their ideal clients and make more money with a strategic website design and strong SEO. Mallory is an expert in all things tech and SEO with a focus on uncovering new ways to do things faster and better for her clients. She is an IT major and a complete course junkie. She has taken nearly every course known to man about how to build and run a successful online business, now she wants to help others do the same. She and the business strategy and marketing whiz Rachael McBay make up the dynamic duo at Proven Pixel Design Studio. Every day they work towards their goal of helping women break through the glass ceiling and build the successful business of their dreams. Not only do they do this through web design, but also through their amazing Facebook group, Unstoppable Female Entrepreneurs. They strive to prove that every woman is fierce and unstoppable as long as they have the right tools available. Mallory and Rachael are there to help provide those tools and a little encouragement along the way so that every woman can be successful.

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