Season One

Season 1 of the Convo with Kisha: Confessions of a CEO

  • Chernika Corbett

    Chernika Corbett is a mother, wife, and entrepreneur working on this brand for the entire family. She resides in Boston but is from Georgia girl. She loves shoes; it’s her therapy. Nikki is just a laid back woman that loves to travel. Nikki says, “When we started DéJa Vu Skin it was rough, and still is rough, but our determination and dream of creating our own all-natural products continue to be work in progress. We […]

  • Amber Christian of Wonderly Software Solutions

    Amber Christian is the founder of Wonderly software solutions, a company using human-centered design to bring magic and joy to building software and experiences. Their first product, Bella Scena helps you go from deliberate to done through its to-do, calendar and meeting planning application. She is also a speaker, writer and podcast host. She hosts the podcast Being Wonderly and talks about the journey to build a tech company. Before building Wonderly, Amber spent almost […]

  • Howard Wolpoff of Profit Master Business Solutions

    Howard Wolpoff is a business marketing strategist and coach.  He recently, I released a new book – 45 Minute Business Breakthroughs. The book discusses methods he can show a business owner to triple their current number of leads, double their sales and increase their annual revenue by $50,000 or more…and without spending a cent on marketing or advertising. He also has an e-learning site where he teaches small business owners how to become a marketing expert […]

  • Anthony English

    You don’t know what to charge for your services? Anthony English is a business coach in Sydney, Australia, and he specializes in helping people charge what they’re really worth without feeling awkward or guilty. Anthony is hilarious and I certainly enjoyed our convo. He gives us great advice on how to get out of our heads and charge our clients what we are worth. He actually says we should be talking potential clients out of […]