Cece Heart

My name is Cece, I’m a plant-based, gluten-free enthusiast, consultant, and chef/recipe artist. I work with people changing their bodies/minds and spirits through food and positive practices from a wide range of specialties including natural medicine, breathwork, energetic healing, social psychology — I mix science with spirituality to give a range of benefits depending on where the person is “at” and activating their passion! I have spent years learning all of the modalities and techniques I can to collaborate together into optimal healing for body, mind, and soul.

I have studied relationships and how to cultivate them into strong, loving and beneficial partnerships to improve our lives at exponential force! I have a degree in Organizational Communication and Social Psychology but honestly, most of the really important stuff to share comes from dynamic interactions and community exposure which I bring to the table.

I’m head of Partnerships and Health and Relationships for a unique tech company creating a governance and financial system to support regenerating the planet so I get to make sure everyone is staying energetically aligned and that our project is being driven in an empowered way which is really exciting and requires unique goal setting techniques that defy the norm!

You can connect with Cece here:

Website: http://www.ceceheart.com/

IG: inspirationsorceress

Seeds: joinseeds.com

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